Professional Speaker on practice and caries management

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As one of America’s top dental speakers, Steve Steinberg brings a unique perspective to industry conferences, association meetings and individual dental practices. As a professional speaker he is known as the dentist with Parkinson’s Disease. But his understanding on both practice and caries management, makes his story compelling, inspirational and educational to conference audiences across America and around the world.

Practical, inspirational and compelling

A great professional speaker must connect with audiences to inspire real action. Steven Steinberg’s story of overcoming challenges using the healing power of values, combined with his position as a subject expert in the areas of caries and practice management are an effective one, two punch.

  • When speaking at conferences, industry events or individual dental practices he shows how to  bring about a marked improvement in customer service and productivity by helping employees achieve a greater level of happiness through purpose.
  • For dental professionals, his approach to caries management provides something beyond the “drill, fill and bill” solution to building a successful practice.
Dr. Steinberg is a professional speaker who helps people rediscover how to think and act on purpose so they can face challenges at work and at home with confidence.

As a professional speaker Dr. Steinberg’s approach to overcoming challenges extends beyond the dental industry; making him a popular speaker for conferences and association events in any industry feeling the pinch of  today’s tough economic climate.

For Dr. Steinberg Happiness is the overlooked link in the productivity chain, that can transform any organization from a place of work to a place of purpose.

Dr. Steinberg is the dentist with Parkinson’s disease

Steven Steinberg has had to rediscover his own purpose and path to happiness after a devastating diagnosis. Let him share with your audience the lessons he learned and time tested tools he has acquired along his path to happiness.

The big question for all of us is: In the presence of life’s challenges how can we overcome, be more productive, and achieve more happiness?

The answer is by using timeless values to think and act on purpose. In Parkinson’s disease as in life there is no cure, however, one can heal. The power of purpose overrides the pain of problems and heals you. Your purpose is to serve others (to Love). Serving others heals you. It empowers you to overcome challenges, be more productive and achieve more happiness.

Here’s to your happiness!

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